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as safety deposit

What you need?

Valid CVV (any country will do)
Clean Socks5 proxy as close as possible to cardholder’s address
Good DNS setup
Ok lets get started. You’ll need an email account. Go create a new one at yahoo/ gmail /whatever ….. doesn’t matter which (i wouldn’t use tormail for this……too much of red flags). Go to VirWox, and create a new account using the email you just set up and the name on the CVV. Just make up a fake SL and you don’t need to validate it. You will then have to confirm your avatar – new account by retrieving the temp password from your email. First thing to do in VirWox is change your password in the “Change Settings” tab on the left.

Now we’re ready to do some carding. Click”deposit” and scroll down to the Skrill (Moneybookers) option. Then enter the max amount for the currency of 1 your card (currently $56 for USA cards) and click the Moneybookers logo.

If you have NoScript installed you will have to temporarily allow all this page. Enter the details you have for the CVV and make up a fake date of birth if you don’t have a genuine one. If all goes well, you will then be taken back to the main page with your USD/EUR/GBP balance filled.

On the “exchange” menu left of screen choose USD/SLL to convert to Linden $$, then BTC/SLL to convert to bitcoin.

Now withdraw. Easy Profit.

Note: Typically VirWox hold funds for 48 hours before releasing. You can process payments a total of 3 times with each card – one transaction every 24hours.

METHOD 2: CC > Moneygram > BTC

If you have fullz (ssn, dob, etc) you can try cashing out through Moneygram. To do this, just go to site and sign up for an account under the cardholders name. Be sure to change a regional socks5 with your VPN connection so you appear to be from the same country that the cardholder is in. Select Same Day service. It will prompt you for the card details, dob, and the last 4 digits of the ssn. I would suggest running this name through a background check (any background search site will do) in case you have to answer a security question to send the funds over. Don’t try to send over too much. If you accidentally go over the limit or try to send a suspicious amount you risk flagging the account. No more than $300 from each CC. If everything goes smoothly you can try exchanging through Best-Exchange Site for bitcoins.

METHOD 3: CC > Forex > BTC

The process is actually really simple. I was surprised to find This Site. Kinda found it by accident actually. Using a foreign currency exchange site to change money on a credit card into a foreign currency and to wire transfer the money into a bank account.

In this case, the bank account is at Here and the process goes as follows:

Make an email account anywhere.
Make an account at Here
Make an account at Here. (all account info in the name of the CC holder).
In this site, add account details, addy, card number, wire info.
Make a transfer.
Process takes 3- 5 business days… It turns a CC transaction into a wire transfer so it takes a couple days… (Note: in the interest of speed and not getting the transaction reversed, Monday/Tuesday is the best day to start the transaction)

Once the money is in the account, turn it into bitcoins as quickly as possible and move it into your other bit wallets. Wash the coins if necessary..

Easy huh?

Already pulled it off once. 400GBP through a Blockchain Wallet without any issues. Rationalfx does not seem to have any real safeguards in place. Tor works fine there (though it is best to use an exit node wherever your card holder lives). When I was testing it first with a visa, it told me 3 times in a row that the transfer failed. I lowered the amount each time and tried again. After the 3rd time it went through but I didn’t have the Verified by Visa password so I couldn’t continue. BOTH Visa AND MC , it seems, will pop up with a verification thingy if its enabled on the card. (Usually US/UK cards) Make sure when you deposit to Here you include the account identification info for that spacific account. You can find it on the ‘funding options’ – get your money.. So there you have it. Its simple as pie.. This is not 100% of the info but ya’ll can figure out the rest.

5 business days… It turns a cc transaction into a wire > ‘Bank wire’ page… If you forget that info you wont get your money.. So there you have it. Its simple as pie.. This is not 100% of the info but you’ll can figure out the rest..
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