Gaming🎮 The good, the bad, and John the fire dancer - as Fallout gets a TV show, here's how the series' community is doing



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“When I think of the fanbase, I do think of those early days when we first announced Fallout 3,” ex-Bethesda artist Jonah Lobe tells me, “We got a lot of hate."

“A lot of those older players felt protective of the franchise - which I can certainly understand, as the IP is immensely unique and special - and some of that translated into hate mail and even death threats, prompting Bethesda to hire its first security guard,” he continues, “So yeah, certainly a passionate fanbase.

“Joking aside, Fallout fans really care about Fallout. They understand that the world of Fallout is very special, and the experience of playing Fallout - with its grit, humour, choice, and unique world-building - is unlike any other. These days, most Fallout fans I meet tell me that their first exposure to the franchise was through Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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