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Welcome to my account dedicated to effective planning techniques! I'm here to help you master essential planning skills and maximize your productivity. Join me to discover practical tips, proven strategies and innovative tools to organize your time, achieve your goals and maximize your professional success. Get ready to transform your approach to planning and become a master of your schedule. Join my community and together, let's build a more organized and productive future!

Training on Planning Techniques

1. Standard Online Training:
Duration: 4 weeks
Content: Online course modules, practical exercises, support by and
Price: $499

2. Advanced Project Management Training:
Duration: 8 weeks
Content: In-depth courses, case studies, individual coaching sessions, certificate of achievement
Price: $899

3. Personalized Corporate Training:
Duration: To be determined based on the needs of the company
Content: On-site or online training, adapted to the specific needs of the company, post-training follow-up
Price: On quote (contact us to obtain a personalized quote) on

Additional Services:
Individual consultation: 199 USD/hour
Access to additional online resources: $149

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