How to spam CCs, Bank Logs, etc...



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How to spam CCs, Bank Logs, etc...
Updated 10/18/2023

This is a light guide for the beginners who have no idea of where to start.

What is spamming?
Spamming/Phishing is when you send out a lot of mail/sms to a targeted group of people in hope of getting sensitive information from them. Example is bank logins, Credit card information, Game accounts, etc.

What do i need?
  • A SMTP or some way to send a lots of emails without getting banned.
  • A web host for your scam page. This is where you will have them enter all the information. For example: a copy of a bank login site.
  • A mail list (There are a few different ways to get this. Hacked databases, buy them or what ever clever way you come up with)
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How do i cash out?

Depends on what you are collecting but generally it is from selling the information you obtain. CCs or Bank logs/bank logins you're able sell on multiple forums like crdpro.

26- O que os spammers querem, como o conseguem e como os impedir_0.png

Step 1: Figure out what you want to spam. (I like to go through my spam folder
and see what people are currently sending)

Step 2: Copy a spam mail you like so you have it ready for later.
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Step 3: Get a SMTP server where you can send your spam from. (A lot of hosts will
take down your SMTP if you spam so either get a hacked one or a place you know
they wont take it down)

Step 4: Ask a developer for a phishing site of the site you want. (This shouldn't
cost more then 100$, I normally do it for 50$)

Step 5: Now get a cheap web host with a domain. (This shouldn't cost you more
then 20-40$. After you getting upload the scam page code)

Step 6: Now it's time to send out your spam mail. So you need some kind of
software, You can use a cracked gammadyne then get smtp or create your own
bulk email sender.

Step 7: Now you are all good and just have to redo step 1-6 with another target
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