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In today’s tutorial we are going to know what are carding dumps and how to cashout dumps in 2023 stay with me till the end of the method let’s eat together.

What are dumps​

Hi. Today carding is known everywhere in the world. If you want to understand how the carding works you’re in the right place.
Carders utilize dumps to duplicate real cards and then pass off the copies as the originals. Therefore, those copies are exact copies of the genuine cards and can be used in the same way. What makes it possible?
Dump is the solution!
What then is dump? And now for the response. Dump is a type of bank information that is encoded on a bank card’s magnetic strip and linked to a certain bank account. Each card is consequently linked to a bank account. The card acts as a terminal, enabling the account holder to access his funds without having to physically visit the bank. With ATMs and POS terminals, which are also bank terminals, cards can be utilized. Therefore, if someone gains access to the data included in the card’s magnetic strip, he will have complete access to the owner’s card account and any funds contained therein.
Stealing a dump from the card is not tough. dumps obtained from sniffing, hacking, or skimming. As a result, every time someone pays with their card, they run the danger of having their card information stolen.
Bank dumps typically have three tracks, but if any one of them is accurate and there are enough cash on the account, the card can be used and the requested transaction can be approved.
Go buy dumps start cloning. Today

Track 1 is the only track of the card which contains the holder name. Carder use to change the name from the track to match with the fake ID’s they have or with the name embossed on the plastic. This track is written with code known as odd parity or DEC SIXBIT. Track 1 format is
B5466160081187237^SHORT/JAMES D ^140910100000023001000000415000000
= is 1 character, usual %
FORMAT CODE = a single character, financial cards format code is B
PRIMARY ACCOUNT NUMBER (PAN) = usual is the card number, but not always
FIELD SEPARATOR = financial cards use a single symbol for it which is ^
= contain 2 until 26 characters
FIELD SEPARATOR = symbol for it is ^
= in format YYMM (year, month)
SERVICE CODE = three characters
DISCRETIONARY DATA = which may contain PIN VERIFICATION KEY (it is not the ATM PIN),card verification value ,CVV
END SENTINEL = is 1 character, usual ?

Track 2 it is the track developed by the banking industry and it is most important track of a dump. Almost all dumps will work if this track 2 is correct. It is written with a 5 bit-scheme, 4 data bits and 1 parity. This track data format is
START SENTINEL = is usual 1 character;
PRIMARY ACCOUNT NUMBER (PAN) = usual the card number
SEPARATOR = usual symbol = is used
EXPIRE DATE = in YYMM format
SERVICE CODE = a three digits code
DISCRETIONARY DATA = which may contain PIN VERIFICATION KEY (it is not the ATM PIN), card verification value, CVV
END SENTINEL = usual the symbol?

Track 3 is virtually unused by the major world wide networks. It was developed by Thrift Saving Industry. Points Of Sales does not read this track.

The card service code is a 3 digits code present in both track 1 and track 2. Each of 3 digits of the code has a meaning and reading this digits together as a service code let us know where and how the card can be used.
If the first digit is:
1-card is for international use
2-card is for international use but has chip
5-card is for national use
6-card is for national use but has chip
7-card is not good for interchange except for bilateral agreements
9-test card

If the second digit is:
0-card is normal, without restriction
2-issuer must be contacted via online means
4-issuer must be contacted via online means except under bilateral agreements

If the last digit is:
0-no restriction but PIN is required
1-no restrictions
2-card can be used for goods and services payment but not for cash
3-ATM use only, PIN is required
4-cash only
5-card can be used for goods and services payment but not for cash but PIN is required
6-no restrictions, PIN should be used where is feasible
7-card can be used for goods and services payment but not for cash but PIN should be used where is feasible
So, the card magnetic strip or/and chip contain all the information to access and operate a bank account connected to this card. If someone copied a card magnetic strip, that person can use a machine called MSR, Magnetic Strip Reader-Writer and write the data from the card to another card and use the clone as the genuine card.

How to cash out dumps with pin​

If you think that it is hard to copy the magnetic strip to a card you must know that a simple swipe to a mini MSR or the swipe of card in a compromised POS is all the carders need to get the data from the genuine card and get the access to the card owners account. So it’s easy to start the business.
Be aware of police and have a good luck and lots of $$$.
hello my dear friends
does this method work in Poland?
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