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as safety deposit

How to?
1 - Open the html file, since all the codes require UAC, Select 1 and Generate

2 - After that, if you want to use shares. Select 2 and Generate.
- Type the drive you want to open shares (Example: c)
- To share more drives, leave 2 selected and hit Generate again
- Type a letter (Example: d or e or f, etc...)

3 - If you want to allow a specific .exe to bypass windows firewall
- Select 3 and Generate. Type Rule name and .exe location
(This will remove any alerts that the .exe is trying to connect to the internet)
- For multiple .exe files, just leave option 3 selected and hit Generate again.

4 - If you want to download one .exe and execute on the machine...
- Type remote location and local location.
(To download multiple files, leave 4 select and hit Generate again)

Note: Hacxx Malicious Tool Generator append all the codes correctly.
- You can create the same function with custom code unlimited.
- To finish, save the code as yourfile.bat

Download: (Updated: 03-04-2024)

Use the tool online: (Updated: 03-04-2024)
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