Verified Escrow Grabbitor Stealer + Clipper + Keylogger + AV Bypass



Verified Seller
Verified Seller
as safety deposit


🔱 Functions​

AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Emulator, Debugger, VirusTotal, Any.Run)
Steal system info (Version, CPU, GPU, RAM, IPs, BSSID, Location, Screen metrics)
Chromium based browsers (passwords, credit cards, cookies, history, autofill, bookmarks)
Firefox based browsers (db files, cookies, history, bookmarks)
Internet explorer/Edge (passwords)
Saved wifi networks & scan networks around device (SSID, BSSID)
File grabber (Documents, Images, Source codes, Databases, USB)
Detect banking & cryptocurrency services in browsers
Install keylogger & clipper
Steam, Uplay, Minecraft session
Desktop & Webcam screenshot
ProtonVPN, OpenVPN, NordVPN
Cryptocurrency Wallets
Telegram sessions
Pidgin accounts
Discord tokens
Filezilla hosts
Process list
Directories structure
Product key
Autorun module


1 Week - $360
1 Month - $660
Lifetime - $960

Tested, works flawlessly !
And was not detected by any AV
Good Luck With Sales !
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