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Verified Seller
Verified Seller
as safety deposit

We offer our services for cleaning and exchanging your crypto in any direction.
Deposit 1 BTC - leet forum
Any AML verification and exchanges will not block your funds.
1. You transfer your money to our service
2. On your wallet, you will get a clean crypto and a screen of the AML check (you can also check the transaction yourself)
3. Funds come to you from the exchange, the transaction is clean.
4. We can exchange any crypto and any volumes.
P.S You can store the your crypto after cleaning on the exchange without the risk of blocking.
We also buy/sell crypto. Any volumes and favorable prices!
We can also cash-out your crypto anywhere in the world and give you a cash!
We have a very convenient delivery of cash by our couriers. We deliver to almost all countries of the world.
1) European countries
2) Asia (Turkey, Israel, UAE)
3) USA - we are temporarily closed right now
4) China
5) There are third world countries.
As well as many other countries (check the country and city with the operator).
To ensure the safety of your funds, verify through private forum messages!
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