Does contactless payment via NFC work without the Internet?



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Some smartphones have a built-in NFC module. You can use it to transfer data or make purchases. Communication with other devices is contactless. The system can work without the Internet. However, in this case, limited functionality is available.

  1. What is NFC?
  2. Does NFC work without the Internet?
  3. Can I pay by phone without the Internet
  4. Google Pay without internet
  5. When you can't do without the Internet
  6. If there is no connection at all
  7. Necessary conditions for normal operation of Google Pay

What is NFC?​

This is a contactless technology for data transmission. Thanks to the built - in NFS module, the phone connects to another device or payment terminal. Then digital information is exchanged.

Through the NFC module on the mobile device, users can:
  • send files and documents to another smartphone;
  • share links;
  • pay for purchases in stores;
  • buy a ticket on public transport.
The main thing is that the reader has an NFC tag. Otherwise, contactless transmission is not possible in this way.

Compared to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the built-in module transmits data faster. This technology is also undemanding to the resources of the smartphone. The battery discharges more slowly when the NFS is turned on.

Contactless payment via NFC procedure:
  1. Remove the lock on your phone.
  2. Activate the module.
  3. Go to the payment app that your bank card is linked to.
  4. Complete the identification process.
  5. Hold the smartphone with its back side up to 10 cm away from the terminal.
  6. You are waiting for the funds to be debited. This will take 2-3 seconds.
  7. Remove your smartphone.

Does NFC work without the Internet?​

Yes, the built-in module works in this case. No mobile connection or Wi-Fi is required for data transmission via the NFS. The reason is that the technology uses short-range radio communication. The radius of such a signal does not exceed 10 cm. The frequency when sending digital data is 13.56 MHz.

Contactless payment and file transfer via NFC work without the Internet. However, for this system to work, the second device must have a module or an NSF tag. Otherwise, you won't be able to connect to it.

Are there any restrictions when working with NFC without the Internet? Yes. For example, the number of tokens that can be used for offline payments is limited. If they run out, you will have to connect to the Internet. Then the system will generate new tokens.

Can I pay by phone without the Internet​

Contactless payment via the NFS is made using a magnetic tag. It is built into your mobile device. When making payments, your smartphone plays the role of a bank card. Therefore, you can pay by phone without an internet connection.

The payment terminal counts the NSF magnetic tag. Then it debits money from the card linked to the payment app. But there are some nuances.

If the Internet is disabled, you can't perform the following actions:
  • log in to your online banking merchant profile;
  • view payment details;
  • open expense statistics.
Such actions usually have to be performed in controversial situations. For example, when a merchant debited an incorrect amount from the bank card. Or a double payment was made altogether.

You can make NFC payments on your phone using the Google Pay and Apple Pay apps. The first program is used for devices with the Android operating system. The second one is designed for iOS smartphones.

Google Pay without internet​

You can pay by phone with the NFS via Google Pay without the Internet.

The payment procedure is as follows:
  1. Download and install the payment app on your mobile device. It can be downloaded from the Play Market or Google Play. The choice depends on the brand of smartphone.
  2. Adding the bank card you are going to use to pay with in the app. This is done in the program settings.
  3. Enable the NFS in the settings.
  4. Go to Google Pay and select the card for payment. You can set the default card in the app settings. This will speed up the payment process.
  5. We go to the terminal at the checkout with NFC and bring the phone. The module is located in the back of the case. Use this side to attach your smartphone to the terminal.
  6. We receive a notification of successful payment and collect the receipt.
Important! Before making a payment, make sure that there is money on your bank card.
When the Internet is enabled, Google Pay generates tokens. They serve as executive teams. As soon as you bring your smartphone to the terminal, the tokens transmit encrypted information about the bank card to another device. After that, the possibility of payment via the NFS is checked. If this option is available in the terminal, it debits the required amount from the card.

The number of generated tokens is limited. After making several purchases, you will need new codes. They can only be created when the Internet is enabled.

Tokens store bank card details. They do not disclose the number, expiration date, or code on the back of the plastic. This makes transfers via the NSF secure. Fraudsters won't be able to find out your bank details and steal money from your bank card.

When you can't do without the Internet​

Internet for NFC is needed when making online purchases on the Internet. In this case, a network connection is required for the app to make the payment. The procedure for transferring funds is the same as in Yumani or Qiwi e-wallets.

To pay for a purchase in an online store, you must::
  1. Enable mobile communication or Wi-Fi.
  2. Log in to the online store's account. Or create a new account.
  3. Add the desired product to your shopping cart.
  4. Go to checkout.
  5. In the payment method, select the option via Google Pay.
  6. Wait for the payment app to open.
  7. Select a bank card to transfer funds to.
  8. Pay for the product.

If there is no connection at all​

If the terminal has lost connection to the network, it will not connect to the bank. You won't be able to make a transfer by phone from the NFS in this situation. Your smartphone will transmit the card's payment data to the terminal via magnetic tape. However, the terminal itself will not be able to establish a connection to the bank where customers ' money goes without the Internet.

Necessary conditions for normal operation of Google Pay​

We have determined whether you need the Internet for contactless payment via the NFS. If there are free tokens in Google Pay, then no.

The main thing is that the terminal that debits money should have a network connection. It is also important to know the conditions for normal operation of the payment app.

To make a correct payment via Google Pay, you must:
  • Sufficient battery level of the smartphone. It must be at least 15%. Otherwise, the program will not be able to work. This applies to all Android and iOS phones.
  • Enable NFC. To do this, open the notification curtain. Go to settings and enable the built-in module. If it is inactive, then contactless payment is not possible.
  • Do not perform simulations with the NFS. You don't need to disassemble the device or interfere with the built-in module. These actions may cause the chip to fail.
  • Link your bank card. This is where the money is debited.
  • Have a sufficient amount of funds on your bank card to be debited. Otherwise, you won't be able to make the transfer.
Don't include root rights either. Some users make themselves an administrator and change their smartphone settings. This negatively affects the operation of the payment program. On the rooted firmware, you can log in to Google Pay. But you can't pay for the purchase. Google's policy prohibits such actions.

If you still have any questions about how NFC works without the Internet, ask in the comments, and our expert will definitely answer you.
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