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Bruteforce for beginners



Beginner Hacker

Basic knowledge of brutus

Hello everyone. Today we will look at such a broad topic as working with brutus accounts.​

We will consider the examples of fairly well-known services. What is remarkable about this type of work is that at minimal cost you can get a fairly high profit.

Let's take a look at what are brutus accounts? and where to get them?​

  • First, we need to get a database, the easiest way for you will be to buy it. The database has the form log:pass (login:password). Buying it is not a big problem, and it is not expensive.
  • Of course, it is not Comme il faut to manually sort through these bundles. We will check them with special software designed for a specific service.

Brutus Ebay accounts and their usage.​

  • For brutus, we will need the software itself, the database, and, accordingly, a proxy.
We take the one we need from the distribution, and go further.

We usually take a private chat from private sellers, or we use less popular and expired services.!!!

We load the database and proxy into our software, click start and wait until we find the necessary accounts.
  • There are two types of Ebay accs:
1) with a linked credit card (CC)

2) with a tethered PayPal (PP)

After you've screwed up the database, open the log, take the accounts and go try to beat them.

Brutus is usually not too picky, so for his initial then we will only need a grandfather (homework) and, accordingly, ourselves accs.

We go to our accounts, add our address, leave the name of the holder, and try to beat them.

If you are lucky, you will take any product. The scheme of work here is described in general terms, modify, use various settings, antic with configs, etc., brutus likes confusion, the more outdated the service, the more confused the ways to break through it.

I will describe an example of a method that earned more than 1kk in a couple of months of work.

It looked like this:

* The acc was taken, the account type was changed from Individual to Bussines.

* 10-15 product tabs were opened.

* We pressed each tab under the drive-in, changing the address, and highlighting the button

Confirm and pay by tapping and dragging the cursor to the side.

* Then we ran through all the tabs by clicking enter and waited, as a rule, 3-5 minutes tabs calmly entered.

This is just an example of improvisation and simplification of the process.

Do not also deny that you can drive stupidly using the grandfather of the public and accs.

Brute PP accounts and their usage (I suggest you start with this).

Perform actions marked with an exclamation mark from the section above.

Accs PP is divided into 3 types:

1) With a linked CC.

2) With a linked BA (Bank account)

3) With CC and BA linked

It is most profitable for us to use points 1 and 3. The passability from them is much higher than just from an account with a BA.

To use brutus pp, you also do not need any specific skills and knowledge, just have a clean grandfather, accs, and of course luck.

As practice has shown, bothering with brutus does not bring any special results, I'm now talking about the selection of crystal-clear illuminated socks for zip acc and so on. As a rule, a stupid search will always bring you something.

Let's move on to using it. How can we use it to get us a profit?

There are a huge number of options for using the brute pp. Starting from driving in gifts and shops, ending with bays and sends.

Consider the option of driving in shops, an action plan.

- We find a suitable shop with payment for pp (it is best to go to less popular stores shops, but do not neglect the same Walmart, what the hell is not joking).

- Select the product put it in the basket (as a rule, we often do not need to register in stores, in the shopping cart there is already an Express checkout button from Paypal, usually yellow or white!).

- Click on it, and start sorting through the previously prepared accs.

- When we see Review and confirm in the payment form, we add our address, and click confirm.

- Then you will be redirected to the site itself, where you already change the soap to your own, and confirm again.

- We are happy to buy)))

We do the same with gifts. Here's a shop with gifts and gear (blackmilkclothing.com)

Next, we will come to improvisations (dancing with a tambourine) for working with PayPal.

Now we will describe the scheme that earned about 300k in a couple of weeks!

- Brute-force PP of such countries as FR, DE, GB was taken

- Took the grandfather of Ireland (Amazon)

- Chrome portable was installed.

- We went to eBay, created an acc, and beat the data of the country with a search.

- The traffic was very high, and the purchase amounts were decent.

You can also take an empty brute acc pp, without SS and BA, also acc should not have trans.

- We buy a BA, link it, wait for mini-deposit, and confirm it.

- Go to the ebay, create an acc, attach our wand.

- We start to rock first in small amounts of 3-7 bucks, sometimes to rock you can get up to $ 700 or more.

This is a small example of how you can use different variations when working, increase the passability, and raise the cherished coins.

(3) Bruteforce accounts of various shops (the simplest, and low-profile)​

We perform all the same actions marked with an exclamation mark from the first one the section.

We have gained accs, go to the shop that we brutalized. Logging in.

There are usually two options.

The first. We change the address to our own and go immediately beat the product (low traffic).

Second. We change the address, give the acc to lie down for a day or two, while going to it and creating an activity in the form of filling a shopping cart or wishlist (favorites), then drive in a small amount, waiting for the track, and driving in a large amount. (Passability is higher).

As a rule, when working with a RDP for the country of accs, and the accs themselves are enough. (You can picking up under each ACC sock under the city, or state, will not be superfluous, but significantly it will increase your cross-country ability).

(4) Bruteforce accounts of Bitcoin services.​

We perform all the same actions marked with an exclamation mark from the first section.

The meaning is simple, we brute-force accs exchanges as a rule, there are several of them in the software, for this we need fat databases merged from financial and similar sites.

We choose a sock for a city or state. We go to the ACC to transfer, or withdraw the bitcoins to ourselves.

I think this is the end of it, in this lecture I described the most popular ones.

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