GamingšŸŽ® Amazon's Fallout TV show might include even more classic Fallout references than its creators intended, thanks to some improv



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Some of the folks who've been dedicating a good chunk of the week to watching some - or a lot - of Amazon's Fallout TV show, just as fans like you and me have, are people who've actually worked on the games. In fact, one of them, original Fallout co-creator Tim Cain, might have spotted a reference to that first game in the series that seemingly wasn't even explicity planned by the showrunners.

Yep, amid the array of really interesting sets and dialogue exchanges you really should be paying attention to, the show might well have ended up with some little homages to the games that inspired it which weren't in the script. How? Well, thanks to some actors with a keen eye for improvising - the only question is what actually influenced that improv.

In a new video on his very good YouTube channel that sees him discuss the show, Cain talks about attending the big Hollywood premiere for it - his invite came via a casual email from Todd Howard, you know, like we all get on the regular. As he describes around the ten minute mark, while watching the first two episodes as part of that, the developer spotted something and was immediately pretty sure he knew where it'd come from.

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