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0x01 Sneakprobe scanner introduction:

Sneakprobe’s Scan official website https://scan.bwwteam.com/#/ 6

Sneakprobe adopts the form of B/C architecture. The client can easily access the scanner through a WEB browser and transmit the data directly to the Web server. In addition, Sneakprobe can also realize cross-platform and cross-device scanning and management, and users can access the scan results through the web anytime and anywhere.

Sneakprobe uses front-end and back-end technologies for development, and uses redis for data caching to reduce the performance and response speed of the web service system. Front-end and back-end technologies can achieve better user experience and interaction and meet user needs for functions.

Sneakprobe uses a plug-in to perform vulnerability scanning. Its main functions are:

Port scanning: Port scanning using TCP, SYN, ICMP, UDP and other protocols

Subdomain name scanning: Dictionary scanning for status codes

Directory scanning: Dictionary scanning for status codes

Weak password blasting: Weak password blasting verification for some commonly used ports

Plug-in scan: Determine the fingerprint and perform a specified POC scan. When the fingerprint scan cannot be performed, a complete POC scan is performed.

0x02 Sneakprobe scanner features:

Adopt a new page style, the entire site adopts a dark color style, and the language is English

Has memcache, smb, wmi, vnc, telnet, rdp service blasting functions

Number of plug-ins, currently there are 5,000+ plug-ins

Add scan targets in batches

Customize what to scan

Database blasting, including MSSQL, ftp, orcale, postgresql

0x03 User Manual:

Specific usage details can be viewed at https://github.com/BwwTeam/Sneakprobe
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