🗂️Keep in Mind 2024 Crypto-Glitch: Loan without collateral on Metamask balance twice in a Single Day



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On January 1st 2024, I discovered this glitch on the gold protocol that allows me to consistently double any Metamask balance new or aged. I personally used this buffer overflow vulnerability on the gold protocol to make over 1m$ in the past 3 weeks so I decided to share the method.

-Metamask with $1000+ Balance in ETH or ERC20 USDT - I usually do this with 9000 USDT daily per wallet.
With my 6 wallets I am able to generate 9x9= 81k

-VPN to stay nonymous(only required for US Residents)


1) Open the vulnerable protocol server URL - > Here

Screenshot 20240123 182242

3) We will double the balance of our Metamask Wallet by activating a buffer_overflow to double your wallets balances, you should see an increase in your USDT Erc20 balance after 30 mn

You can only use this glitch twice in the time frame of 24 hours.
Use a VPN to stay anonymous.
If it does not work, change your ip address and retry.
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